Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Blurring Women's Faces

     I always feel uncomfortable when I see ads from frum publications that blot out women's faces or exclude women from the pictures altogether. Maybe it is because I am single. Then again I think its just because I am a woman. Most of the time this issue does not bother me because the frum people who I choose to associate do not agree with those who want to blot out women's faces from frum publications.
      The strangest part of all is that I believe that the elimination of pictures of women from ultra-frum publications is counter productive. If there aren't any photos of modest religious women then there will only be photos of less modest and less appropriately dressed women around. Is that really better?
If I were living in an extreme muslim society where women were not in any publications anywhere around me then it would not bother me, but in the United States , even in boro park you can go to the news stand and buy a secular magazine that has pictures of women in it. Instead of taking the opportunity to make a kiddush Hashem and having positive role models of women in print the extreme frum would prefer to eliminate woman altogether from their publications.
 When I saw this ad  recently it really  made me sad. I am orthodox, but not charedi so even if I had a daughter it would be a little easier for me to explain.  Tzniut is important, but I think that the fixation with it in frum society as the reason for all of society's ills is a bit misguided. I think that introspection and a fixation on honesty in business would be a better fixation than focusing on a mitzvah that only pertains to women. Or maybe just take turns focusing on each of the 613 mitzvos in a rotation.  Its like  women  aren't important until its time to blame someone for the ills of society. Its all ridiculous anyway. So often the one who has the loudest voice creating these  illogical chumrahs is just all worked up because this is his biggest yetzer harah.

"What does Purim Say?" - (Parody: What does the fox say) Rosenblum Shalo...

    I posted this video last Purim season, but its so cute I had to post it again this year . Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Historic Chofetz Chaim Video Almost Unnoticed For Over A Decade

  This video is surreal. The quality of the film is so good that it almost looks as though these people are dressed up in  a period movie instead of people who actually lived in 1923

Monday, March 2, 2015


   This is another cute Purim video. Enjoy!

Life is Beautiful

      I have a friend who is in her late thirties who was feeling a bit depressed lately . She has a chronic disease . She is single and she was saying how she did not mind the thought  of death. She felt like her life was meaningless because she does not have any children and feels  that no one would miss her if she was gone. Thank goodness I myself am not suicidal and the notion of it is never on my mind. I did not even realize how frightening her thoughts were until after our conversation.
       To begin with I told my friend that I am sure her family and friends would miss her if she was not around. I would miss her. I myself love living. I feel like there is so much to do, so much to experience and so little time to do everything that I want to do. I told her that life is wonderful, it doesn't turn out the way you would expect it to , but its still worthwhile. I encouraged her to explore hobbies and other things that may interest her. Due to her illness my friend cannot give birth to a child. Of course this is upsetting, but the thing is , having a child is not the only important thing in life. Being a parent is  something that I  have always wanted to do , and hopefully will be able to do,  but it is not the only way one can have a meaningful life.
       Years ago I did hear a rabbi at one of the shuls I attend give a speech about while  having a bunch of kids, living in a house with a two car garage are all wonderful, but they are not really what you have to have to be a Torah observant Jew. One is required to observe the mitzvos to be a Torah observant Jew. A novel idea. Its not that all of these things are not things that one should want but if one does not have them all is not lost. The rabbi who made this speech had a congregation comprised of many singles and divorced people, but I do not think that he was pandering to his audience.
        Many people feel like their life does not begin until they are married. People get married at all different ages . One has a life  when one is single. Life is precious and must be appreciated. What if someone never marries ? Does it mean that they have never had a life?
        I think that sometimes people are looking for major things in life to justify the validity of their existence instead of looking at the smaller things. I prefer to look at the smaller picture. I love watching sunrise as I walk to the train in the early morning. The colors are so beautiful . Most of Brooklyn is still sleeping then , so the streets are a bit quieter . Preparing and then eating a good meal is so satisfying Spending time with friends recharges my soul.. The peaceful calm of a reading a book or taking a walk  on Shabbos, seeing little kids dressed up on Purim ,and  sipping a vibrant cup of tea are all simple pleasures that make life worth living.
         Not everyone marries , even if one marries there is no guarantee that one will have a child. . It is important to strive to have these things, but having these things should not  be the only way one can feel like a viable individual.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Thursday, February 26, 2015

SFJFF 34 Presents: Above and Beyond Trailer

   This film  ABOVE AND BEYOND was shown at the New York Jewish film festival. I of course missed it and haven't yet seen it. I found this about 7 minute trailer. Its adorable. I just had to post it. Enjoy and go out and see then whole film even f you wait until its available on video